Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Could not be more proud...

This challenge has been just that, a challenge!! More so for Jeff and I then the kids.  They will really eat anything you put in front of them.  When explaining things to them you could tell they were a little weary of doing it, but yesterday I had my proud mama moment.

Our neighbor lady asked my kids if they wanted a snack, the came running to me and said can we?!  I said sure.  My oldest son said, well, mom what if it has sugar we will have to tell her no.  Will that hurt her feelings???  Luckily it was nothing with sugar, but for my kids to know and not want to accept that as a snack made me quite the proud mama. 

Are you and your family doing the challenge? How have things been going???

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Breakfast Cookie

One of the blogs I follow is fitnessista.  She is gluten free, healthy eating, new mama.  She makes her own recipes and manages to come up with some pretty delish finds.  One thing I have done in the past is her breakfast cookie recipe.  It was perfect for me this summer when I was working because I would just take it with me and eat it during my morning rush.  It worked perfectly.

Now that we are working on cutting out sugar I have decided to bring this back.  For me at least. ;)  Yes, I realize I need to let me kiddo's enjoy the benefits, but for now, it's my little secret. 

The recipe for this is HERE.  It is right along the lines of the "real food" we've been trying to do.  The add in's can get tricky if you aren't paying attention.  I just made one and popped it in the refrigerator.  Mine included oats, 1/4 scoop protein powder, 1/2 banana, almond butter, milk, and a small squirt of honey.  I believe she used stevia and cinnamon, but I used a small dribble of honey.  hmm... In the morning I will top it with the left over strawberries or blueberries that we have.  In the past I have added in chocolate chips, but thought I better pass on those.  Also I usually put applesauce instead of the banana.  I'm feeling fiesty today so went with a banana.

If you try this let me know! I'm anxious to see what you add.  What do you do for an easy and healthy breakfast? 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Being aware...

Today marks another day eating "real foods."  Now while we have not gone 100% we are being incredibly conscious about what we are putting into our mouths. We have changed out about 1/2 of what is in our pantry to healthier no sugar versions.  Peanut-butter and Jelly were the first 2 things to go. I was actually surprised to see sugar in peanut-butter.

Luckily, my granola is still a big hit with the kids, and today they even added blueberries to it.  Major score with Jared! <3  He was definitely impressed.  Lunches were scheduled to be egg salad, but this preggo mama is not feeling it.  So today we are going to do some left overs that we have including chicken noodle soup and meatballs.  All made with "real foods."  Along with that we will have some apple slices and triscuits.  YES! You can have triscuits!  here are less then 5 ingredients and NO sugar.

Tonight we are having a ham and cheese braid along with salad.  The bread is ww and cheese approved!  Speaking on bread. I did make the honey whole wheat bread and it was great. Jared loved it, while the rest of us used up the rest of the bread.  In my opinion that is definitely one of those acquired tastes.  So, instead of going cold turkey with the bread, I'm going back a little and doing half and half until we get used to it. Perfect? No, but it's a start!

What are you doing this week to change your eating habits?!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

chicken pox

My baby has the chicken pox! :(  My husband has a terrible sinus infection and I discovered today that I have a fever and body aches.  Our son is the only healthy one and I pray he stays that way.  With 3 out of the 4 people in this house sick, it makes things very difficult. 

Eating has gone to the way side as no one has been hungry at the same time.  We have been snacking throughout the day and eating what we can when we can.  Lucky we decided to wait until Monday to start out little challenge since day 1 would have already gone up in flames!

Hope you and your family are doing well and healthy!