Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So Sunday I had my first official meal swap! I must say this was fantastic! There were 7 total people, so we all went home with 6 ready to go meals! I'm so excited that this turned out so well! We have already planned on doing it again next month! :) I can't wait! If any of you have done or thought about doing freezer cooking, but fear it will take up to much time, I HIGHLY recommend getting some friends together and trying this.

I have wanted to do freezer cooking for sometime, but something always comes up! Plus, I don't want to spend an entire day in the kitchen! This was amazing it took about 2 hours to make all the meals, and after the swap I had 6 meals ready!

Definitely worth the time and it's fun too! You get new recipe idea's and have a lot of fun finding out other ways people cook!

Of Course, I forgot to take pictures, but will try and do better next month!


  1. What is a meal swap? Please explain because it sounds fun and interesting!

  2. Well, there were 7 of us who all picked a meal (that was voted on my the group) then we made enough for everyone to take that home. So we all got 6 total different already made meals to take home! It was great! You get to try alot of new and fun recipes!
    I should say that we make it before we come! So then it is mostly already frozen, some aren't, but that doesn't really matter!