Sunday, July 17, 2011

The art of Scones

Hello Friends! <3 Hope you are all having a relaxing day of rest!

Remember yesterday when I told you all I wanted to try scones well... I give you my story ;)

For some odd reason I have always been scared of scones. Not really knowing what they were or how to make them. I very clearly stayed away from them. However, recently when visiting a friends coffee shop, I tried her amazing chocolate chip/walnut scones. I got home thinking I MUST try these

Today, I did it! I am pleased to say, scones are easy peasy to make and are FABULOUS! They have yet to be kid tested as they are still napping. However, I'm fairly confident these will not last through the week like I had planned. I'm giving it 2 days once both the kids and hubs try it out!

Is there a recipe you are scared to try? Want me to try it first?! Just leave a comment and I will!!!

Also stay tuned for another deeeelish recipe. Chow Mien Casserole!

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