Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer?? Where have you gone?!

So I must apologize to all of my 1 readers :) I have seriously slacked this summer. I cannot believe that school is starting in a month! :( Some serious booness is going on over here. Anyway, along with being a major bad blogger this summer I have also totally slacked in the cooking department. I wouldn't say that I LOVE to cook, but I do like it. I would like it way better if I did not have to do the clean up! (I digress)

I am going to be bringing back the menu planning mostly because yes, we have been eating out WAY to much again! So here is some menu planning a bit earlier then Monday! :)

17th - Chinese Chow Mien (recipe to come soon)

18th - Left overs for lunch and skillet pizza burgers for supper

19th - Leftovers for lunch and steak and potatoes for supper

20th - sandwiches for lunch and Roast, potatoes, carrots

21st - What else? Left overs! For supper BBQ Beef Pizza (homemade) Using left over beef from pot roast

22nd - **Pampered Chef Party so whatever we have there ;)

23rd - LEFTOVERS or subway ;)

I am going to be doing some freezer cooking soon! Hopefully one of these days will be raining and chilly out so I can turn on the stove! On the list of things to make?

1.cabbage burgers
2.chow mien casseroles (4)
3.Breakfast Burritos

Something new to try?
Scones and homemade Cinnamon Raisin bread.

Do any of you have a fab scone recipe??!! I found one of weight watchers, but would LOVE to know of any and all idea's or tips for making these!

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