Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yet another successful trip to Safeway!

So tonight I went to Safeway. I got 2 chex mixes, 2 nature valley nut clusters, and 4 things of BBQ sauce, along with 1 box of mac and cheese. I saved a TON of money. The total for this was.........wait for it..............$0.00 Yep, that was nothing!!!! I received all these for free after coupons and discounts! :) I'm pretty excited!

Also, today I received 4 cascade samples, more shampoo and conditioner samples, and some tide samples! For waking up feeling like absolute crap my day turned out pretty good!

We were hoping to to go to Kearney today, but last night I woke up sicker then sick and ended up in bed until almost 4 today!!!! So, the kids and the hubby nicely let me sleep all day while hanging out and having a pajama day!

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