Monday, July 5, 2010

Challenge of the Day!

So, my amazing husband says to be this morning. I have a challenge for you today. I bet you can't go the whole day without turning the TV on for you or the kids. I looked at him funny and he said "actually, I bet we can't go the whole day without TV." Boy, I took that challenge. I am the one who wanted to put our TV on "vacation" this summer and I do believe he was the one who complained?! :) So today, we have no TV. The kid's were a bit perturbed this morning when we said no cartoons, but changed their attitude quickly when they realized that meant they got to go to grandma's and play at the park all morning!

So instead of playing the husband and I got the privilege of cleaning the house, weeding the garden, working on the deck, and catching up on laundry. Not so fun, but it definitely needed done. Now, I'm relaxing on the computer and my husband is out still working on the deck. Do I feel bad? A little, but he hasn't asked for my help yet! :)

I can't complain to much, because we did get the joy of going out to eat on our date for the week. Of course Taco Johns isn't a romantic place but, Angela's was closed :(

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