Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hamburgers with a twist

I know I said I would not be blogging until I lost those few pesky pounds. However, I made a recipe that I can't wait to share with you!

I have been trying to find ways to add more veggies in with our meals. I've gone as far as steaming and pureeing carrots to put in our meatballs! I made the cheddar cheese broccoli soup a while back and it called for grated zucchini. I thought how fabulous would that be in a hamburger! Oh yes I did. Here is my new go to recipe for hamburgers.

2 pounds of hamburger
handful of grated carrots (I bought them like that)
1 zucchini, grated
garlic (i use powder, but would have used fresh if I had it on hand)
1 tsp group cumin (I didn't measure I just did a small handful)
1/4 onion, grated

Put all into a bowl and dig in. Yes, get your hands dirty and get it all mixed together. This made 11 good size hamburgers for us. We made 5 for lunch today and froze 6. This would be another PERFECT freezer meal to make. Way easy!

One thing I want to say if you aren't a fan of carrots be very careful. There were obviously some spots that had more carrot taste then others. Also you can see the carrots, so if your kids don't like them I suggest pureeing them so its not as noticeable! We couldn't even really tell there was zucchini or onion in it. I'd say major success! Hope you all try it! :)

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