Thursday, April 14, 2011

See you soon...

For those of you who know me, know I have been working towards training for a 5k. I REALLY want to be able to do one and run the whole time. I have also been working towards losing this last bit of pregnancy fat. I often find myself distracted from working out. Mostly due to the fact that I like my facebook and other blogs I read. I can always find an online way to procrastinate and most times skip my workouts.

That being said. I am not going to be online until I get to the next set of 10's. I have been stuck at this same weight for almost a year, so until I can get this kick started and lose those pesky 6 pounds I am not going to be blogging, face-booking, or emailing! Yikes!

That is going to be difficult for me! I love me some Internet. However, I feel it is necessary to cut out the things that I love doing for motivation! I will be completely honest and hope that I am back by April 30th! That's a little over two weeks. We shall see! Until then, I hope you all will check out the blogs that I have been following over on the left!

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