Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick Snacks or Side Dishes

I have a great side dish. Well, I cannot take the credit. My friend K made this recipe while I was over one day and my kids not only loved it, but I did too. I had never thought to really incorporate these ingredients mostly because I did not think my kiddo's would ever go near them. They GOBBLED this up and asked for more! Oh yes, yes they did <3

Pasta Salad:

Box of pasta (these were the spiraly ones. I am going to get some gluten free ones)
Head 0f Caulif.
Head of Broccoli
Baby Carrots
1 bottle of Italian Dressing

Cook pasta. While pasta is cooking up chop the veggies and add into a large bowl. Mix it all together. Once pasta is done drain and run over cold water. Mix the pasta in with the veggies and then cover with bottle of dressing. Stir all until everything is coated with Italian Dressing.

You can serve this on the side of almost anything. Also use it as a great afternoon snack for the kiddo's. I don't have a picture of this one, but will soon.

Do you have any great pasta's that you cook up during the summer??? Please do share!

Well, until next time. The famous words from "Dear John" I'll see you soon then! <3

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