Thursday, January 3, 2013

Booking it with Becca


My 2013 reading list is finally here. 

Redeeming Love

The Good Girl

Atrisian Bread in 5 min. a day

100 Thing Challenge

Million Miles in a 1,000 Years

Love Does

Thunder Dog

Calm my anxious heart

The Red Gloves Collection (4 books)

Husband Project

Rekindling Romance: Loving the Love of Your Life

Nineteen Minutes

The Bridge

The Big Miss

Blackberry Winter

Near to the Heart of God
Tell Your Time
First Time Bakebook
Simple Living
Long time Coming
Les Miserable

There ya have it!  I am sure I will add more as I see new ones pop up throughout the year.  One other series I would LOVE to get my hands on it the Francine Rivers Mark of the Lion series.  Our little village doesn't carry it in the library here!
What books are YOU reading in 2013?!

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