Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Menu Plan

Hey Friends!  This morning will be a quick post as we are headed out for Rapid as the girls have Doctor appts and shots.  I never look forward to shots, but the baby Tylenol and saved breast milk are all packed so hopefully it won't be to bad for her.

So here is the plan for the week.
Monday: Today is left overs or fend for yourself day since we won't be home until late.

Tuesday: Nachorific Chicken

Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan muffins (oh yes!)

Thursday: Sloppy Joes/Chips (we are feeding a big crowd this night)

Friday: Left Overs for Lunch, then probably Subway for supper :D

Saturday: Roast beef sliders (recipe to come!)

Sunday: We will be traveling, so honestly we will eat leftovers for lunch before we head out and then whatever is in the fridge when we get home!

Not to exciting, but you get the picture! Well we are off! What does your menu look like this week? Have a fantastic day all! :)

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