Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eating out AGAIN!

So. After our no eating out challenge we did pretty well the following week staying home.  We didn't eat out a ton, maybe twice.  The next week, more times then I care to admit.  We went out of town for a few days and got to basically eat out for every meal.  I brought food for breakfast, so mostly just lunch/supper were eat outs.  Once we got home I got lazy.  Actually having to meal plan, shop, and cook seriously!?!?! 

I've been using the excuse well, I'm 9 month pregnant and I'm tired.  Hubs won't help, blah blah blah.  Anyway, not only have we all been feeling a little yucky lately the hubs has started getting grumpier. :)  We all have really.  Eating out is more then just "fast food."  It makes you feel grumpy, slug-ish, and just plain crappy!  Our kids have been MONSTERS and I seriously think that is a big part of the reason.

So last night I mentioned at our random supper.  Should we do the not eating out challenge again!? Crazy enough the KIDS were the ones who started cheering.  The hubs and I were happy to oblige. So starting TODAY no eating out until the hubs gets paid.  That is 12 days.  We do have a few things we will be out of town for and again aren't going to beat ourselves up if we don't take sandwiches.  However, we are going to make a conscious effort to eat at home.

When making our meal plan for the next 12 days, I decided since we are moving we also need to clean out our pantry/freezer.  So the only things on our grocery list will be staples that we go through often.  (ie: milk, eggs, fresh produce, ect)  So there ya have it.  We are trying again!

I will keep you update, maybe not as completely as I did before, but will still post meal plans and recipes.

Recipes we are trying: 
 Mini German Cakes with Berry Topping(homemade)
 Best Ever Burgers
 Smoked Mozz Meatloaf 

Stay tuned for a meal plan for the next few days! :) 

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