Sunday, June 10, 2012

WOWZA! These are a must try!

I love food.  Seriously, LOVE it.  I can make and recreate things and totally screw it up, but still love it.  Tonight I tried a German Pancake recipe.  They were Mini's, but thought that would be perfect for the kids.  Now, when I read that title, I went to tasting pancakes in my mouth.  The hubs said to him they are someone like crepes, only better! Definitely more of an eggy type meal, but still delicious.

I used the picture from the ladies blog as my camera is broken? Not sure what is wrong.

They look much bigger in the picture then they actually are, but they are still just as delicious. 
For the recipe go HERE.  You won't regret it I promise.  For the sauce, instead of her triple berry sauce, I used her Simple Raspberry sauce.  I had a package in the freezer I knew I would never use, so used it tonight.  Pretty much everyone loved it!  The hubs asked for strawberry sauce next time.

One more tid bit of advice.  I did not do these in a blender like the recipe calls for.  I used a whisk.  They did turn out just fine, but think next time I will try the blender as I couldn't quite get all the flour chunks out.  Not that they were noticeable, but you could see it in the batter. 

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