Thursday, October 14, 2010

Walmart Trip

I still have to admit, I am NOT a fan of using coupons at Walmart. They are NOT very friendly about you using them, and they try to make up excuses why you can't! My total today should have been 53.00 I watched as the guy "scanned" all of the coupons then told me my total 51.00. HE only scanned 2 coupons!!!!!! So I politely pointed this out, and he called over the up front manager, and then 1/2 hour later they figured out and scanned all the coupons! My total was $33 and some cents!

Again, for those just learning to coupon make sure you are watching when the cashier "scans" them to make sure they are being scanned! Secondly, do not be afraid to speak up and let them know they are not scanning! I had over 17.00 in coupons and was not going to pay for that 17.00! Mostly because 3 of the items were things I wouldn't normally buy however I had a coupon for a FREE one! (I'm a brand snob) Anyway, my trip ended up being a success!

ALSO, if you want a free movie rental from redbox tonight text TREAT to 727272. TODAY ONLY!

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