Saturday, February 26, 2011

Recipe Tryout

I tried a new recipe from Hungry Girl and LOVED it! I'm telling you, everyone should have these books! I'm not going to give the recipe away, mostly because I have probably given away to many! However, take a look at this.

This is Chicken Enchilada Casserole:

BUT..... I did come up with a NEW recipe. I had Zucchini and Squash along with some chicken. So I cut it all up and threw it together on a pan and preheated the oven to 375 degrees and cooked it for about 30 minutes. It turned out great. The kids AND hubby both enjoyed it!

I didn't use EVOO because I wanted to save on calories. Yes, I'm always looking for ways to shave off a few calories.

If you are doing weight watchers then this would be about 3 points per serving. I could have eaten this WHOLE thing for like 12 points. Pretty good since it fed my family of four AND had leftovers!

Next up, DESSERT!!!! This of course is another Hungry Girl recipe. I had been craving chocolate and these cupcakes were perfect! Let me just say, Marshmallow fluff, hot chocolate, and chocolate chips. Yes, Yes it was delicious and a HUGE calorie bargain!

Okay now that I have officially used more pictures in this post then I have EVER used in one blog I have one more. This is just a small piece of heaven. Yes, it's homemade pizza. I got the dough from She has some amazing recipes and awesome ideas for freezer cooking and organizing. You can find the recipe for her pizza dough HERE.

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