Friday, June 10, 2011

Family Business

Hello all! How have you been cookin'? Any yummy non oven meals you want to share? Don't forget to leave a comment or email me at with your recipes. I would LOVE to spotlight you with a recipe of the week.

The last couple of days we have been having some family time. The hubby's sisters are in town, so there have been play-dates, meals, and chaos. That is why there have been no new recipes for a couple of days.

On another note, we got a TRAMPOLINE! Yes, we finally found one that we like. Well, actually my amazing mom did, but nonetheless there is a trampoline in our back yard. Before you ask, YES there is an enclosure and YES we are safe with it. We would not put our kids in harm on purpose. We are very well aware of the risks and see no reason they wouldn't be safe on it. So that being said. They LOVE it! I will post pictures soon.

Stay tune for next week. I have a few meals up my sleeve! You will need no oven, just a grill and a handsome man doing the cooking! :) *I know we can dream right* Seriously though, if you can get your hunny behind the grill.. DO IT! :) Give yourself a break and let them do the cooking!

Hope you all have a FAB weekend and we will see ya soon <3

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