Saturday, February 25, 2012

Have you looked in your cupboards???

I am not one to judge. By no means is my pantry perfect or clean for that matter.  I decided after working on this meal plan that I should check out what I have and see what I need.  I was shocked to say the least.  Looking at the back of the containers I was surprised to see that basically everything had sugar or some form of "non approved" sugar in it.

In my head I see the dollar signs racking up, however, I also was brought to the realization that we, as a society, do not feed out kids or our bodies properly.  No wonder we are all addicted to sugar. It's in everything!!!! 

This weekend will be a different look at what I have going on in my pantry and getting rid of or donating most items that are not "real foods."  Will this be hard to give up my beloved chocolate and peanut butter of course.  I have to just remember anyone can do 10 days.  I also have to remember that what I'm putting in not only my body but my kids' bodies is all processed and, to be blunt, crap.

I don't want my kids to grow up being dependent on that. I want them to be able to make choices that are healthy AND real.   Okay, enough ranting for now.  My point of this post was to challenge you to look in your pantry and refrigerator and take stock.  Look at the ingredients lists and be aware of the food you are putting into your bodies.

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