Monday, February 27, 2012

Menu Plan

Some of you know that I have decided to wait 1 week to start this 10 day challenge.  We plan on starting March 5th, instead of the 1st.  Mostly because I already had a meal plan in place for this week that involved needing very little groceries.  This actually worked out well, because this week I can get part of what I will be needing for next week without going over our weekly grocery budget.

I am going to experiment this week with the whole wheat flour tortillas and honey whole wheat sandwich bread.   These will be 2 staples that will greatly change in our house, so I figured we would practice up this week.  Plus, at the request of my husband, I am already making more granola/cereal!

Monday: BBQ BF Sands.  (On homemade whole wheat buns)

Tuesday: Left Overs (or pancakes)

Wednesday: Taco's (w/ homemade ww flour tortillas)

Thursday: T-bones, potatoes, corn

Friday: Meatballs and potatoes

Saturday: Eat Out for lunch(traveling) and Left Overs for Dinner

Sunday: Left Over Buffet. 

There you have it.  Like I said many of these items I already have on hand.  Therefore, helping stock up for next week will be easy.  Monday I will be trying to turn the ww sandwich bread into buns so if that works out I will let you know.  We will be having our taco's on the ww flour tortillas from the challenge as well.  Just to help semi-incorporate some of the rules, so the kiddo's are not completely shocked when we switch up the next Monday.  Stay tuned for my constantly changing meal plan starting next week.

Snacks/Lunches will be sandwiches and leftovers along with apples, grapes, banana's, and yogurts.  Triscuits are also an approved snack, so we may also add that in this week too!

Do you meal plan and grocery shop on one day? 

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