Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What are you giving up?

 Everyone in my family is going to have to give up something that they love. Be it, the sugary ingredient filled cereal they love, the chocolate, or the drink of choice.

One thing I have been looking at today is my drink of choice.  Being pregnant I can, but choose not to, have caffeine.   I do have 1 small cup of coffee at church every Sunday for my fix.  As far as pop goes, I gave it up.  I have had 3 since finding out I was pregnant, and now will have none until the end!  With my other two pregnancies pop and chocolate were my number 1 craving.  With this one, pop tastes like acid and is way to sweet.  I guess that is the point huh?  I digress.

I choose to drink only water at this point.  Lately I had been getting tired of plain boring water.  Instead of switching to juice or some high calorie form of drink, I chose to drink crystal light.  By the gallons!!  I drink a good 65 oz a day, so I make a lot.  Last night, while drinking my amazing strawberry crystal light I grabbed the container to look at the ingredients.  My thoughts, it only has 5 calories so it can't have many ingredients. WRONG!

Ingredients listed: citric acid, Maltodetrin, Aspartame, Red 40, Calcium citrate, Acesulfame, potassium, artificial flavor, calcium silicate, magnesium oxide. 

WHAT?!?!  I don't even know what at least half of those are, nor could I pronounce them.  I was trying to stay away from acid and fake sugars. Guess what?! This is filled with acid and at least 2 different kinds of fake sugars from what I can tell.

I was a bit disappointed, but glad that I realized this now and not after my challenge!  It just goes to show that some things, even "low fat", are not healthy or "real."  Have you checked your pantries and refrigerators?! What did you find?? Were you as shocked as I was?

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