Friday, February 1, 2013

Booking it with Becca

 Hey Friends! Who has been keeping up on their reading this year?! I have not read near the amount of books I have wanted to.  I did however, receive a book in the mail and have been asked to review it.  I will be honest, I was crazy excited that someone sent me a free book and all I have to do is read it and write about it.

I was going to wait until I was completely finished with the entire book, but I am enjoying it so much that I wanted to give a little review on it.

Stumbling on Open Ground: Love, God, Cancer, and Rock ‘n’ Roll
Written By: Ken Mansfield
Stumbling on Open Ground is a true-life story of a man’s journey with cancer and his walk with God. The story starts out with one of his experiences in the music business, involving the death of John Lennon.  The book is from the point of view of the man going through these trials, while his wife puts in her thoughts at the beginning of each chapter. Almost as a diary entry. All through the book it talks about the battles and struggles along with his faith and how it all is related to his walk with God.

I was not into this book when I first started. The first couple of chapters where he takes us back to the death of John Lennon had me completely confused. However, as I kept reading, I became more  engrossed with the narrative by Ken Mansfield. I particularly liked reading about his wife's thoughts throughout this journey.
While I have not been through cancer, I have been through an experience that has had me struggling with my faith right along side Ken Mansfield.  I thought some of these thoughts and found his words to be such an inspiration. When I was struggling I did not have the kind of faith to just trust. I questioned time and time again my own faith.  Reading this story really took me back to that year and made me think about my own faith and how I showed it during that time. 
Whether you are going through cancer, or any other trial I urge you to read this book.  His words are a huge inspiration.  He will definitely make you ask those questions and really dig deep about your own walk with Christ.

BookSneeze® provided me with a copy of this book. I was not paid in anyway to write the review. All thoughts and words are my own.

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