Friday, February 1, 2013

Wildtree Winner!

I went to and typed in 1-15, the winning number was 12 
Here is what she said: 

I love that the products do not have MSG---a migraine trigger for a family member. My favorite items are the basil pesto mix and the blueberry syrup! acgoad at comcast dot net

So if this is you, be sure to contact me within the next 24 hours to receive your gift!! :)  

You may have noticed I did not post this week so I could get some comments for the giveaway! I wanted it to stay at the top all week, so that more people had a chance to enter.

This week has been full of craziness. The eating habits have been horrible.  We ate in for every meal this week except last night.  We tried out a pizza from a lady that makes them here in town.  While it definitely is not Pizza Hut it wasn't bad.  

Why am I telling you about what we ate for supper?!  Well, the night before we actually had pizza as well. Only it was a "Wildtree Pizza."  I used the dough and the seasoning for pizza sauce.  I will say that compared with the two my kiddo's ate the ENTIRE Wildtree pizza, while there is over half of the other left!   That speaks for itself. 

 Our Cheese balls also made an appearance for snack again this week. Along, with some left over zucchini that didn't go on the pizza.  

What have you all been doing for supper/snacks?  Be sure to check in! There may be prizes in it!!! ;)


  1. This is me---so excited! How do I contact you?

  2. Email me at with the subject wildtree winner

  3. This week has been very successful for me. I made my very first meal plan for my family & actually stuck to it!!! Yay me!!!!!! In this plan I included two of my Wildtree freezer meals (which was hard for me to do - I tend to kinda horde them). We had the Jambalaya. & the Hearty Italian Meatloaf w/ marinara. I also made my own WT recipe (inspired by our first workshop) for Chipolte Lime porkchops in the CP. Leftovers yesterday. & tonight we are having Runzas. All in all I think. It went well!