Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 4

Today was a day.  We will put it that way.  We had our left over waffles from our fab neighbors for breakfast.  Seriously need to consider making up a HUGE batch of those suckers for the freezer.  Waffles smothered in almond butter and syrup equals close to heaven.

Lunch was different for everyone.  We have so many leftovers right now.  Every person had something different.  I think tomorrow will end up being a FULL day of left over eating.  Our fridge is overflowing with food.  I guess when you cook every night it "adds" up. 

Supper almost didn't happen!  Yes, we almost did leftovers again.  I laid down with the kids during their nap and we all slept until 4pm!  We took a THREE hour nap.  It felt great to say the least.  Grogginess and cooking however, do not go hand in hand.  Finally at about 4:45 I got that wind I needed and just did it. We switched it a little. We were suppose to have chimichanga's, but I was tired of beef so we switched to Thursday's supper and had the Crispy Chicken with Pasta.  This was good, but honestly not something I would probably make a lot.  I would rather grill/bake my chicken and the sauce was a little "fat" for my liking. 

So there ya have it.  Four days down and not one time have we eaten out.  Honestly, it almost seems easier calling it a challenge.  In the back of my head I know eating out is NOT an option so I don't even think "where should we eat?"  I just do it.  Maybe that is the trick who knows. 

I really think by not eating out not only is it saving us that money, but I also think it is saving us money in other ways.  We haven't spent one penny all week besides on the grocery store trip.  If we aren't going "out" to eat we are going out, so there is nothing to really go buy.  I got a pop with some change I found yesterday and actually felt guilty about it!  I felt like I was cheating on not eating out.

Our daughter won a daddy daughter date night this week.  We give her and her brother little competitions and since she won she got to pick ANYTHING she wanted to do with dad. (since he is gone the most) Anyway, we were lucky when she said she just wanted ice cream.  I had a coupon for a FREE dessert from McDonald's.  The hubs was a little bummed he didn't get anything, but got over it when I told him we had ice-cream in the freezer for later.

Now that I have probably bored you to death come back tomorrow for a post on budgeting! :)

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