Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Grocery Budget

Now, I must first say I am in NO WAY an expert.  However, I thought a little post on budgeting for not eating out would be fun.

I usually budget about $85.00 a week for groceries.  That totals about $350 a month for our family of 4.  However, that also includes toiletries, personal products, and the like.  With this 3rd little bundle of joy on the way this is going to also have to stretch to include diapers.  EEKK!  I remember spending $20 a week on one case of diapers.

I told the hubs that next week I was going to try and only spend $50 that way I could buy a case of diapers with it.  His response "I want to eat good, not eat crap."  At first I sort of understood, but then I thought, SERIOUSLY, you doubt my abilities?  So born a crafty idea.  I am ONLY going to spend $50 next week on groceries.  I will save the extra money just in case, but, if we don't need it will buy that case of diapers with it.

How on earth am I going to spend that little to eat on all week with NO eating out?  I'm not sure.  I have been stalking coupons for the cereal.  One BIG part of our budget is cereal and milk. I'm talking a good $20 a week.  Like I said yesterday, I want to make a big batch of waffles up to have around for breakfast.  Our son is big on that type of food while our daughter is a cereal fan.  So some cereal is needed, but I did find some fab coupons for that.

Next, I plan on raiding our freezer. While I know that is not going to be an option every week since obviously we would have to replenish it. I need to get it fairly empty as we have a 1/2 of beef coming in the next month.  I noticed when I was out there "shopping" for our week I had 3 freezer meals in the big freezer and 3 freezer meals in the house freezer.  So I am planning on using at least 3 of these meals next week and the others the next. 

So, with buying fruit and the minimal that we need I think I can keep our budget to $50 next week just to prove that I can.   What do you do for a grocery budget? How to you shave off that extra little bit?

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