Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 7, 8, 9 update

Hello all!  How is your challenge going? Ours is going surprisingly fabulous.  Usually not eating out is a HUGE deal for me and I struggle with it.  However, since it hasn't even been an option for me it seems to make it easier.  Maybe we just need to live in an even smaller town with no option of eating out! (Just kidding)

Day  7 and 8 went great.  We seriously had so many leftovers that I didn't really have to cook.  We had someone make us a 9x13 pan of lasagna which honestly I usually make us an 8x8 so we STILL are eating left over lasagna.  I have been in the mood for pb &j's with hard boiled eggs. Yes, it must be a pregnancy thing.  So I wait until the kids are done eating their healthy meals with fruit before I bust those out for me.

Today is day 9.  The kiddo's had waffles for breakfast and for lunch we are doing 1 more meal of hodge podge leftovers.  The pasta and lasagna from last week should be gone after that!  Then for supper we are doing pot pie which I am THRILLED about. We will see how the kids react.  They are so back and forth on that one I haven't made it in a while.   So no eating out for us again today.

Snack: The fruit cobbler is seriously going over like chocolate.  They love it! Plus I don't feel guilty for giving them a HUGE plate full since it is mostly fruit!! Hello big winner!  Speaking of Chocolate I have brownies in the oven. Most of which go to my 17yr old cousin and his friend for helping us move some stuff this weekend, then tomorrow I have to make him lunch!  Only spaghetti so should be easy!

Well, I'm off to play outside with the kiddo's.  Hope you all have a fabulous day.  <3

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