Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 5 & 6 Update

Wow. Yesterday and today have been good days.  Yesterday I decided we had so much food left over in the fridge that it would be best to put the chimichanga meat into the freezer for next week.  Then we ate left overs.  ALL.DAY.LONG.  No one really minded, however, today at lunch the hubs did ask when we would be done with left overs. ;) 

Tonight, I don't have to cook either.  We had someone offer to make us lasagna/rolls for supper to give me a break. No, not from cooking.  From the whole pregnancy cooking thing.  You see outside of my 2 readers on here we haven't told anyone about our challenge.  You know in case we slip up.  Yes, I would own that to you if we did.

Now, 3 times this week I have splurged on a coffee.  Yes, I know I need to make mine at home.  The reason? I usually get 1 pop a day! I LOVE me some fountain d.Pepsi so rarely do we have pop in cans in the house.  These are on sale for a LARGE for 95 cents. (please don't lecture me on the pregnant/caffeine thing, as we all have our own opinion on that.) I have been doing the coffee's because I use 1/2 shot in a large and so it's mostly milk which we all know I could use more calcium. 

The goal for next week is 1 coffee and 2 pops.  I still feel like we are saving money since I'm taking this out of a different envelope, but still don't want to be spending that much a week on coffee/milk when I could just buck up and make my own for way cheaper. 

See you this weekend with our menu for next week! :) Luckily, I can move a few things over that didn't get used from this week (ie.chimi meat) so that should save money as well!

Have a FAB weekend <3

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