Sunday, April 29, 2012

Well, more like Sunday menu planning, but you know.  Here is our plan-ish for this week.

   Lunch: Left over lasagna
   Supper: Beef Stroganaff (Freezer Meal)

Lunch: l/o stroganaff
Supper: Chicken Pot Pie

   Lunch: Spaghetti ( I owe my 17yr old cousin and his friend lunch)
   Supper: Grilled Burgers/Corn on the cob (burgers from freezer already made)

   Lunch: l/o
   Supper: Chimichanga's/rice (chimi meat already in freezer ready to go)

  Lunch: l/o Chimi's
  Supper: Pizza/Calzones (homemade)

 Lunch: Sandwiches
 Supper: White Lasagna/homemade bread (freezer meal)

  Lunch: Sandwiches
  Supper: Clean out fridge

Snacks:  String cheese, smoothies, fruit, cinnamon rolls, and fruit cobbler that didn't get made this week.

Sunday Prep


Fruit Cobbler
(These were both done yesterday b/c of the cooler weather!)

Pretty easy Sunday prep again, mostly because of the massiveness of freezer meals I'm going to be using this week.  I also didn't make the fruit cobbler from last week so that will go down and be a snack/dessert throughout the week.

More fruit smoothies!  Those smoothies were pretty much to die for and I am planning on making up a couple of batches throughout the week on hot days.

I would really like to get some smoothie pops you can find on amazon, but again, trying to save money here.  

What is your plan for the week?

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