Saturday, May 12, 2012

lazy week...updates 17-20

Sitting here trying to give myself reasons NOT to write.  To forget I even mentioned a challenge and move on.  But, I cannot tell a lie.  ;)  This week sucked. We did eat out twice.  Both times it was my fault and the result of pure laziness.  Once was for lunch on the kids' last day of preschool and the other time was also for lunch after J's Kindergarten round up.  Not proud, but what's done is done.  On to a new week. 

We also strayed greatly from our meal plan.  I don't think I made but 1 thing on the plan.  I guess that's why they call it "a plan."  At least this week the grocery store will be quick and very little money spent.  I made up our meal plan today for next week, which is basically the same as last week.  I won't post it because how boring, but I did add in 1 fun thing.  I'm going to make ham and cheese pockets.  I was inspired by this post here.  Since I have all the ingredients on hand and wanted something to help simplify lunches this is what I'm doing. 

We are good on waffles since the cereal seemed to be all the kids wanted this week.  Guess the "healthy" cereal needs to make a come back so they eat the waffles instead! 

Lunch: Egg salad sands
Supper: honestly not sure, something from the freezer OR ham/cheese pockets if I get to those this afternoon!

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