Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Need a new challenge!

Alright friends.  I am looking for some new challenges!  I personally like the cooking type challenges better then say the budget type ones.  I am not comfortable posting specifics on our budget and that seems to be the main challenge working it's way through the blog-o-sphere lately.  Does anyone have a challenge for me?!?!  I am willing to take up ANY idea's!

I do have a few things I want to try too!  I am going to be making this English Muffin Bread recipe soon.  I had planned on making it today after I made the dough for these Ham/Cheese Calzones.  However, I realized I'm out of yeast.  Seriously, for those of you who know me, have to know that this is not only a huge inconvenience, but a VERY rare one as well!  So, the English muffin bread will be saved for another day.

I have been scouring pinterest looking for easy grilling ideas so if anyone has any recipes for grilling let me know! I would love to try them.  Now I'm off to roll dough!

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