Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 10 Update

WOW! Our meal plan this week has pretty much gone out the window!!! :(  My kids may not have eating the greatest things, but we have NOT eaten out either!  I have been struck by the 3rd trimester "morning sickness" so it has not been easy to cook.  Last night instead of pot pie casserole dad came to the rescue with Chicken/Ham sandwiches.  

Today, we were on schedule, however the pot pie that got moved to tonight is again not happening. Thank goodness for left over spaghetti from lunch!  However, I'm also fairly certain that when may baskets get delivered to grandma/pa in a little bit they may get some supper made for them.  I have a pot luck/bible study tonight so I am already taken care of, so I figure the hubs will con his mom into cooking for them. That is what usually happens. :) 

So TOMORROW we WILL have pot pie.  Probably for lunch, but we will make it.  The chicken can't last much longer thawed in the fridge and I HATE wasting chicken! So check in tomorrow to see how the cooking goes.

Today my son asked me if we could go out to eat.  I said no, not yet.  He then replied with a "how many more days until I get to eat at Angela's?"  For me this was amazing yet disturbing all the same.  I worked at Angela's on and off for about 7 years so we always eat there when we eat out to support them, so it was cute for him to say it, yet disturbing that he knows we eat there too much and knows it by name.

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