Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meal Plan

So my meal planning is a bit off this week.  We were on vacation last week and got to celebrate an amazing couples wedding!  So this week I started off with today the 29th!  I am working on cleaning out our freezer for our 1/2 beef that will be here soon and also because in mid June I am going to be making 20 freezer meals at a freezer cooking party for the freezer.  Why 20? That way when baby gets here and in the midst of packing up our house I won't get the "what's for supper?" question.  Hoping this will be easy enough the hubs can just pull something out the night before and grill it up the next day for us.  I'm also hoping that will eliminate most of our grocery store trips while we are trying to pack/move. I digress! Sorry!

Tuesday: Stir Fry (chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, and rice)

Lunch: Calzones(freezer)
Supper: Left overs (we have a tball game tonight, so supper will be late anyway)

Lunch: Sandwiches/watermelon
Supper: Tacos with Chips and homemade salsa/guac

Lunch: Left Overs
Supper: Stuffed Shells with Choice of sauce.(freezer)  (Girls prefer marinara while boys prefer Alfredo!)

Lunch: Hot Dogs at the library
Supper: Left Overs

Lunch: Clean out the fridge
Supper: Chefs choice.

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