Monday, May 7, 2012

Update days 13-16

What a weekend.  It has been cah-ray-zee over here.  We did fairly well staying on plan.  We had 1 mishap which honestly I didn't even realize! How sad is that.  The hubs and I got a babysitter and headed out of town to celebrate.  No, I'm not telling you what ;) We just wanted to get away for the night.  On our way to the casino we stopped and grabbed a 20 piece nugget to share for 4.99.   Half way there he said, "do you realize we just ate out."  All I could do was look at him with the most bummed out look.  It did NOT even cross my mind.  We had planned on eating at the casino, but instead stopped on the way out of town since it was cheaper.  I didn't even factor that in when we went.  I can say it was an honest mistake.  However at the same time it still put a bump in our road on Day 14.  (Our half way mark I might add)

Other then that we have done no eating out!  I worked out a budget/meal plan for the week with mostly freezer meals so our grocery budget came in well under $50!  I was pretty excited, but have yet to tell the hubs, because I'm hoping to make the rest of our weekly budget last through next week.  That way we will have 1 full weeks worth of groceries saved!  That buys 3 cases of diapers!! WOOT WOOT!

So freezer eating for us! I'm only giving you the 1 meal a day b/c we all know we eat for lunch the left overs from the night before.  We also still have 1 bag of waffles left in the freezer to last the week.

Monday: Left overs from the weekend.

Tuesday: White lasagna (freezer)

Wednesday: Chimichanga's/rice(freezer plus had rice from last week)

Thursday: Picnic for J's graduation from preschool (we are taking dessert)

Friday: Pizza(dough in freezer)

Saturday: Beef Stroganoff (Freezer) (this meal keeps getting pushed back! lol)

I'm also planning on making some yummy egg rolls I found on pinterest.  They aren't normal egg rolls, but they look fab!  See..

Yes, yes I am.

Our budget this week actually was mostly the ingredients for this since I didn't have hardly any of it on hand.  I also got 5 boxes of cereal for 1.49!  No coupons!  So I had to snap those up for a treat this week.  Also, I had one pregnancy grab.  GARDETTOS!  Since writing out a list I generally don't sway from it.  Maybe 1/5 times do I go off and grab a few extras.  However, when I walking through the candy isle getting my peanut-butter mm's I saw them and HAD to have them!  Enough blabbing today. Whats your meal plan????

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