Thursday, May 3, 2012

update 11 and 12

Wow! I can't believe I forgot to update yesterday.  Oops. Sorry.  Well, yesterday went fine even with the hubs gone all day.  We had left overs and spaghetti all day.  The kids didn't care and we gobbled up the rest of the cobbler we made on Sunday.

Today.. Well, that's another story. :(  The kids had sandwiches for lunch and while I wasn't hungry I should have eaten.  After dropping J off at preschool we went to run errands. Before I knew it, I had a doc appointment in less then 20 minutes and STILL hadn't eaten lunch. So I did stop and grab a taco on my way.  Low blood sugar in a pregnant mama who is sweating from cleaning out cars is NOT a good combo.  Anyway, I feel okay with it since I only spend 1.07!  Plus, I used the change that I found while cleaning the car out.  So I don't feel guilty at all.  When I told the hubs he said "wow that's bad."  I think he tried to make me feel guilty, but I didn't let him.  hehe

Anyway those are our updates on that.  I'm thinking our grocery budget for next week will be very slim since we have eaten a combo of weird things NOT on my menu plan.  For instance, the poor chimi's are getting moved AGAIN! Plus, tonight we gotten invited out to eat (their treat) so we may do that.  We have decided that as long as we aren't paying we are fine.  I realize that makes us sound cheap or moochy, but we have lots of family in the area who generally take us out, or find coupons for a free this or a free that.  Maybe that's wrong, but that is the great thing about having our own challenge.

Speaking of challenges. Have any of you checked out lately? She is have a 4 week freezer cooking challenge.  While I was very tempted to follow along and cook 1 or 2 things a day in May for the freezer I decided not to.  I know shocker right!  I am in June hosting a freezer cooking show where I will be making 10-20 meals for when the baby comes AND I have a 1/2 of beef coming in May as well, so figured I better save the freezer space!  That also means we will be eating/cleaning out our freezer in the next 3 weeks, so I don't want to refill it again until the other meals are made and the beef is nestled safely in so I know how much room we have.  Our deep freeze isn't that big so I hate to over fill it.

We did have an extra small freezer that we ended up giving away because we didn't think we would need it.  Well, so much for that now we are regretting getting rid of the darn thing.  Who knew I would become such a freezer cooking nut. LOL Another reason is we usually only get a 1/4 of a beef at once, so our freezer will be extra full with double what we usually get.  Even though that should last us a good year or so.

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