Monday, August 30, 2010


I like to toy around with making cakes! This is a VERY new and fun hobby of mine. I have been asked a few times to make cakes for friends birthdays, open houses, ect!!! I just thought I'd show a couple of the cakes I've done. I never thought to take pictures of any of my cakes before my kids! :) So here are 2 fun birthday ones!

The first one was a lightning Mcqueen cake! Jared adored this, but I was sad to see it get eaten! The second was a princess cake for my baby girl! Who, of course, is a princess!


  1. I made a comment on this yesterday? Where did it go?

    These are awesome Bec!! You should go into business!!

  2. aw, thanks Al! :) I wish I had enough time to do that! It would be fabulous!