Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cell Fire!

So what exactly is Cellfire?

Cellfire offers ecoupons that can be downloaded directly to your store loyalty card. The ecoupons are deducted automatically from your grocery total at checkout when you buy a qualifying item and swipe your loyalty card. This will be of particular interest to my readers that shop at Kroger, as they are one of the participating stores in this program. Hopefully they will be rolling it out to many more stores in the future!

What other stores utilize the Cellfire program?

The only store in our area that accept these are Safeway. You just go on and load them up onto your card. However, they MUST swipe your card for the discounts to come off, you can't just give them your phone number!

How do I use Cellfire?

Using Cellfire is easy! Just register your store loyalty card on the Cellfire site. You don't need to have a cell phone to participate in the program. Simply use your home phone number if this is the case. Then you simply save the coupons that interest you to your card. I generally just go ahead and save them all unless I absolutely know I will not use a particular coupon.

This is something that I was hesitant at first with. Why would I want to go online and give my number out?! However, this has saved me a TON of money! This is the reason I usually end up making money on a product! You are able to stack these with your regular coupons. So if you have an awesome sale, a coupon, and a coupon on cellfire you are a sure bet!!!
Next week I will talk about eshortcuts!!!

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