Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have always been totally against signing up for free samples. There has to be a catch right? Wrong! I have recently started signing up for these free samples to find out if there is a catch, or if this is really "free."

Yes, you do have to give out your address. Although, we have not bought shampoo for over 2 months! I sign up for free samples and I even e-mailed a few companies and asked for samples and coupons! They are very willing to do this. The coupons are always a much higher value then you can find in the paper or online!

Above is a picture of what I received in the mail yesterday. I get very excited for mail and when I don't have samples I get a bit sad. :) I look forward to getting the mail now, and get upset when I don't get to get it!

As you can see the dog food from Rachael Ray is a very large sample. There are even times when you will get a coupon for a free product! Can't go wrong there.


1. Now I'm not crazy I realize that my inbox would be overflowing with newsletters from all these different companies and let's face it junk mail. So my number one little bit of advice is to create a new e-mail account and use that for your samples. I did this and it works fabulous. I can always go there and check for free coupons or any other information I can use!

2. Watch different blogs for free samples. There are always free samples available!

3. If you go to the "All You" magazine's website you will be able to have at least 1 free sample everyday!!! They have been doing free samples daily for the last 3 months! This ranges anywhere from tampons to dog food, to human food! It is fabulous!

4. My last tip, be ready for a little junk mail. There are some companies who will send you flier's or newsletters. To me this is a very small price to pay for free stuff!

Do you sign up for free samples?? Be sure to hit the comment button below and share with us!

Do you not sign up for free samples?? Tell us why! Did you have a bad experience or do you choose to just not do it?


  1. Ok Becca, I signed up for a new email and some samples. Will see how it works. I don't like that to print coupons the site requires cookies. My MAC tells me everything that a site is trying to load on my computer. I may have to use my old dell and have the cookies go on to that machine. Heidi

  2. Yeah, that is one thing too. Jeff has a couple different virus protections on my computer for the coupon things. I haven't had any trouble yet and I've been doing it for about 6 months now!! I'm so excited that you are doing it! I was very hesitant at first, but now I LOVE it! :)