Saturday, August 7, 2010

Eating Healthier!

So, I'm on a new mission to not only eat healthier, but have my kids eat healthier! The biggest thing I want to start doing is making my own bread! I know what is going in it, and it is healthier for my family. For me this will be a challenge. I'm not much of a "spend time in the kitchen" sort of person. So, for Christmas I am asking for a bread machine from my hubby, UNLESS we save enough to pay cash for it before then!
Some other things I want to start doing once a month is making oatmeal packets! I found an awesome recipe HERE, so I am going to work on writing different variations that are healthy and yummy! I will post the one's I settle on when I finish these. I want to become more creative with breakfasts and get away from eating the sugary boxed cereals we've been having!
If you have any other good idea's for eating healthier and keeping it frugal please post them! :) Thanks!

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