Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's cookin' this week?

Hey all! We are finally back from Chicago, but spend some MUCH needed time with some awesome friends. I have some really exciting posts (well, for me anyway) coming up soon! We ate at an awesome restaurant called KiKu's so I have so awesome things to show you from that!

Now this menu plan is a little different. We have our final weigh in on Wednesday for biggest loser and Jeff is determined so the meals until the will be ridiculously healthy then we are going to just be using up what we have. I'm going to spend then next 20-30 days eating the rest of our frozen meals, pantry stuff, and our quarter cow we recently got.

Monday: Steak, mixed veggies, and scallop potatoes

Tuesday: Chicken and Stuffing Casserole

Wednesday: Italian Tortellini soup (freezer)

Thursday: Lasagna (freezer)

Friday: Pork Chops (not sure how yet though b/c I have a few new recipes to try)

Saturday: Left Overs

Sunday: Chimichanga's (freezer)

So all in all my grocery bill this week should be $20 or less. I do need milk, zucchini, tortellini, bread, cereal, eggs, and some fruit! We are pretty bare since we have been gone for a week.
My goal is to spend no more then $25 a week this month! Lets see how we do! :)

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