Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meal Swap Guide

Many of you know that I have put together a meal swap. This is an awesome way to try new recipes and enjoy some friend time. We have been doing this for about 6 months now. There are some months that we love every thing and there are some food that we aren't so fond of. You just have to be open to new ideas!

If any of you freezer cook you may want to try this. I personally found that taking an entire day to cook and have meals froze for the month was to much. This way I cook the SAME meal only time 6. The longest I have had to work on a meal swap was about 2 hours. It is not difficult at all!

Tips & Warnings

*Six members is a good number for the first round that you try this. Remember,each member needs to cook enough full meals for every other member.

*Choose a date for the actual meal exchange that is at least 4 weeks out to allow members to wait for the best price on their ingredients.

*Disposable trays are the best way to package your meal. Otherwise you may never get your casserole dish back. (Who has 6 casserole dishes, anyway?)

*On the day of the swap, it is helpful to bring a cooler to store your meals for the ride home.

*Consider hosting a recipe "preview": ask everyone to bring a snack-sized, ready to eat sample of their meal for a luncheon get together with the participants the day you exchange meals. (Our group has each member choose 3 recipes, then we all vote on what one we would like to try and that's the one they cook)

*People who have unique tastes or are "picky" may not be the best candidates for this idea. People who are open to trying new things will be more satisfied with a meal exchange.

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