Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cinch! Day 1

So, I could sugar coat this and tell you it's fabulous, the food is wondering, and I'm loving it! That would be a lie. I knew this would be hard considering I didn't like 3/5 of the foods, however, I thought I could force it down!

By Supper I was ready to give up! I told Jeff this was ridiculous. Breakfast was good, eggs with spinach, the raspberries just hurt going down. (gross) Lunch was alright, I'm not a fan of yogurt and since it was mostly yogurt, it was hard to choke down! I chose to have the smoothie as an afternoon snack at 4 so I just finished eating my salad. The salad was actually delicious. I really enjoyed it.

I can definitely say I probably won't do this for the full 5 days. I like the variety and smell and different textures of my food. I am going to try and do 1 maybe 2 more days depending on how my variations go tomorrow.

I am changing things up a little, tomorrow I will be buying FRESH raspberries to try instead of frozen. I thought they were bad, but the kids gobbled them right up and asked for more! Guess my taste buds are definitely not normal!

I did work today and had a chance to eat a cookie and candy bars. All before NOON! Yes, I walked away! :) WHOO HOO! I drank 80 ounces of water so that was good for me!

Well, that is all I really have to report on for today, we'll see how tomorrow goes!


  1. What is this book all about? I haven't heard of it before.

  2. Okay, I just read your previous post about this program!! Sorry I must have missed it! Good luck. I look forward to reading about your progress!!