Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Working out?! What is that!?

This week has NOT been a good week for me!!! We went out of town and I went crazy. Instead of getting back on track when I got home, I kept going! Oops. Today I took the kiddo's to the library for story time and picked out a couple of DVDs to workout to.

Now this DVD kicked my butt. After I got home I jumped on amazon and read some reviews. It didn't get GREAT reviews, but more so so ones. I had in my head this was going to be an easy cheesy workout. I read that Cardio 2 was the way to go, but I figured I would start with 1 just to be sure. WOWZA, I was OUT. OF. BREATH. after about 2 minutes. I guess I'm not as in shape as I thought.

I ended up doing 3 out of the 5 workouts for a total of 30 minutes. It was a good workout and I can definitely feel it in my arms after the upper body one. I get these for 2 weeks, then I'm going to go switch out. Our library has about 20 workout DVDs for check out, so I was thrilled to find it! :) They aren't all biggest loser ones, in fact I think this was the only one that was there.

I also check out a Valerie Bertenlli one, so we will check that one out as well. The reviews on that one were horrible! However, there are 2 different workouts on there ranging from 20-40 minutes. Short enough to keep my attention, but long enough to work up a sweat!

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