Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goals and Food

This year has already been filled with challenges and lots of bible versus. My husband has taken it upon himself to send me a verse everyday to help me work on my goals. I have received 5 random verses throughout the days. It is always a surprise when I get one and it always perks me up!

I have officially cooked 3 recipes out of my hungry girl cookbooks. Including Chicken fingers, Bean and Cheese Enchilada's, and today Cheesy Beefy Ques.

Chicken fingers and Beef Ques were FABULOUS. The enchilada's were not so good. I'm not a huge bean person, so it was a little beany for me! :)

Water Goal: I have successfully drank at least 64oz of water everyday this year! :)

Exercise Goal: I have successfully worked out EVERY day this year!

I would say so far I am doing a fabulous job and only hope I can keep it up! :)

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