Friday, January 14, 2011

Cinch! Day 2

Today went a little different then yesterday. For breakfast I had the eggs, spinach, and almonds, but instead of raspberries I had some clementines. Then by lunch I was so stinkin' hungry that I ate a bowl of cereal instead of the parfait. For supper 1 piece of pizza and a salad.

I did lose 3 pounds from yesterday morning to this morning. I'm not totally naive I know some of it was water retention, but nonetheless if it helped me jump start with the 3 pounds that excites me! :) We'll see how tomorrow's weigh in goes with the different diet. ;)

I am working on my menu for next week with a mixture of the core Cinch! recipes and the hungry girl recipes that are around 200 calories. I will continue to follow the cinch just more to my style.

I would definitely suggest this to someone who likes the foods listed, or needs to get off a plateau, or even just jump-start your diet. I know it is way motivating to see results right away and with this you will. I can only imagine if I had followed it to a T for the next 3 days! The weightloss would be phenomenal!

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