Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I've decided to do a book review! :) Since everyone is working on their New Year's Resolution of losing weight, I thought I'd help some of you out sifting through the different books and idea's out there. I've done weight watchers and LOVED it! They did change it recently and I'm not into going back to find out the new program. This time I did the Cinch! Core program. I'm hoping to report back everyday on my progress and let you know what it is all about and if I would recommend it!

My overall impression of this book and plan is a very positive one. It seems to me this plan would be easy to follow has emphasis on what I consider my major struggle points protein, fiber, and low sugar.

The claim to this is that you can lose up to 8 lbs during the first five days on the 5-Food Fast Forward Plan and 15 pounds in 30 days. Many readers may like the fact that she makes it MANDATORY to eat chocolate each and every day, dark chocolate once a day.

Cynthia stays away from having you count calories/points and instead wants you to place emphasis on your timing of eating and your portion control. I agree that this is eventually the key to losing and maintaining weight. Many of us don't realize how many calories we put into or body not thinking about it.

A quick run down of the 5-Food Fast Forward Plan. It is based on five foods only during that five days, spinach, eggs, plain yogurt, raspberries, and almonds. You are given four meals using these five foods that you must follow for the first five days. I myself feel for me this is going to be TOUGH mostly because I'm not a huge fan of spinach and plain yogurt.

Her overall issue is to get you to learn to listen to your body and learn to time your meals to the cues of your body and learn the correct combination which she believes is a produce, whole grain, lean protein, plant-based fat, and seasonings at each meal. The book contains several yummy sounding recipes that are suppose to be easy and quick to make.

My only concern right now is in the first five days you will experience mild to moderate hunger. I think this may make it a little harder for me to follow. I prefer to eat on a schedule that helps you to not get hungry as that seems to be when people break down and make poor choices.

I don't know, we will see how day one goes. I only purchased enough for 3 days in case I decide to jump to the core program instead of following the strict 5 foods in 5 days plan!

Tomorrow is Day 1! We will see! :)

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