Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Planning/Pantry Challenge week 1

Hello!!! Sorry I didn't post much last week, we had a little sickness going through our house and then we were out of town! :)

This month, I am working on doing a pantry challenge. I want to only spend $50 a week on groceries, toiletries, ect. This is going to be a challenge! This week, I only spent $45.00. I will have to go to the store one more time to do my freezer cooking for the meal swap, which will add about another 20-30 dollars.

However, next week, we will have 4 meals already made! :) So next week will be an easy week to do. Hopefully we will not have to go to the store at all except for fresh fruit and milk! :) *The essentials.

This week on the menu is......

Monday: Turkey sands for lunch then I have MOPS tonight

Tuesday: Pizzafied Chicken and corn

Wednesday: Roast, potatoes, carrots, and HOMEMADE bread

Thursday: BBQ BF sandwiches (on the homemade bread)

Friday: BBQ BF Pizza with the leftovers and homemade pizza dough

Saturday: Steak Fajitas

Sunday: Leftovers

Sounds like a lot of BBQ bf I know, but I wanted to try the pizza with some of the leftovers b/c that is Jeff's favorite kind of pizza. I'm starting to fall in love all over again with my bread machine, so I have cooked up a bunch of dough for the freezer, and will be using that over the next few weeks to help with the pantry challenge.

I'm debating on trying to make homemade buns for the BBQ bf sandwiches or if I just want to use the bread I make?! We'll see. I will keep you posted throughout the week. Come back soon, I will be posting the pizzafied chicken recipe!

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