Saturday, April 24, 2010

Budget Update

So as I mentioned before I'm working on making some changes! We will no longer be eating out 800 times a month. We are going to have $50 a month for this, and then only $400 for groceries!

Our groceries amount thus far is at about $175.00 not bad!!! Our eating out total is at $6.41!!!! The eating out was all on me! I ate out with some friends and the kiddo's. A fun thing to do! To save money we like to go where there is a buffet because all the kids eat free!! I'm sure these restaurants love to see us coming! 3 adults and 5 kids! :) It is fun none the less and we always have a great time!

My $50 budget for this week hasn't even needed to be used however I did spend 1.52 at Safeway! :) Keep checking back for updates!

**If you have any budgeting tips feel free to comment!

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