Friday, April 9, 2010

Freezer Cooking Menu for May

So if you know me, you know that I am not a cook. We eat out a TON! This is one thing I am trying to work on NOT doing! So, I've decided that this month I will be doing freezer cooking. So far all I have done for planning is put together a menu. (a really good one if you ask me!)

*Meatballs 4 pounds hamburger(makes 4 batches of 9 meatballs) (4 meals)

*Lasagna X2 8x8pan (2 meals)

*Spaghetti Pie (1 meal) (recipe from

*Calzones double batch (4 meals)

*5 pounds of ground hamburger (put in 1 pound bags)
*Tacos X2 times (2lbs)
*Pizza in a Crockpot X1(2lbs)
*not sure yest about the other pound

*10 Cups cooked diced chicken
*2 cups potpie (1meal)
*4 cups fajitas (2 meals)
*The other 4 cups will go in 2 2cup bags to make casseroles.

*Homemade Bread X2
*Make make extra dough and freeze for pizza?? Not sure yet.

Total Meals: 21
*Now if all this comes together! I will be shocked and amazed at myself. I will be posting my other plans and recipes for these meals in the next few days also!
*My goal for the month of may is to only eat out 4 times. Yes that might sound like a lot but that is basically once a week. For me that is fabulous! :) haha.. Hoping to make eating out a thing of the past! We'll see! May can be my experimental month!

If you have ANY idea's to make this easier PLEASE comment and let me know!! I'm always up for things being easier in my life! :)

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  1. I will try to attempt this with you (minus the fajitas...yuck!). I'll let you know of my progress as well.