Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clear Out the Clutter Challenge: The hallway Closets and Coat Closet

So I've decided to Join Moneysaving mom in her "clear out the clutter" challenge! This may take a couple days! I can't believe I'm going to post the Before pictures... It is out of complete and utter embarrassment that I do this! :) I can't believe I EVER let it get this bad!

BEFORE: Coat Closet

Hallway Closet
Other Hallway ClosetSo... That only took a little over an hour!!! :) Not only did I get it clean, but I broke a sweat doing it! Now I don't have to workout! :) haha...


  1. Your mother loves that you are getting to be more like me everyday!! :)

  2. haha! :) Love you mom! :) I learn from the best right?! :)