Saturday, April 17, 2010


So... as much as I DON'T want to admit this. We spent over $200 eating out this month!!!! OUCH!!! I'm a huge fan of eating out, however, I usually find the good deals to do so, not so much this month! In order to work on our budgeting I am going to try and stay on a $400.00 budget for groceries and $50 for eating out! Here's my plan.

$200 grocery trip after Jeff get's paid. Buy all the things we will NEED for the month. ie... Toilet paper, diapers, snacks for the month, and so on.

Then I will allow myself $50 a week for other shopping needs. Ie.. Fresh produce, bread, milk, eggs, and so on.
**Hopefully with good deals and coupons this should be pretty simple. I'm buying 2 bags of freezer chicken in my big trip so hopefully that should cover most of the month. The big trip also covers my freezer cooking meals and so that should cut the cost down on the weekly meals. I'm planning on making enough freezer meals for about 15-20 meals. I'm hoping this will be helpful in the not eating out category!! I will post all my spending on eating out(no matter how awful!!) and grocery shopping along with any amazing deals I've got!!!

A great website to help you if you are just starting is . This website courtesy of my awesome friend Jen B! :)

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