Monday, April 26, 2010

So I'm not feeling the greatest, so here is the plan and hopefully it gets followed as good as last weeks!!! I was so proud of myself, I did go and stock up on some good stuff at Safeway, but only spent about 7.00 dollars last week!! So far this week I have spent $6.25. Grapes at Safeway are on sale, bread is only 88cents, salad is on sale for 1.00 each!!!!! Normally 2.79 so definitely stock up on those!!! Also baby carrots are on sale for 99cents! :)

Here is our plan:

Monday: MOPS (we eat there)

Tuesday - Pizza in a crock pot

Wednesday - Chicken Parmesan

Thursday - Meatballs / potatoes / green beans (make double batch to freeze!)

Friday - Leftovers (Hubby has a track meet, so this should make it easy!)

Saturday - Fajitas

Sunday - Taco's

This is fairly easy, and since I was sick and didn't get my freezer cooking done I am going to make double batches of the meatballs and pizza in a crock pot to freeze! Then hopefully this week I will feel good enough to work on that! :)

Eating out Update:
I ate out 1 time with a group of moms and Jeff ate out once(only b/c he was traveling) So our total for that is about $36.00 (mine was only 6! The hubby had the kids with him so spent a little more ;) )

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